Our Mission Impact political/governmental entities to enhance flood control and flood plain management in the tri-state area.  
Our Vision To make the Upper Mississippi Valley a region with enhanced flood protection and a comprehensive plan for a flood plain management system that considers economic, environmental, and recreational opportunities.
Our Values UMIMRA believes that each of the following values is critical to the organization’s long term success:
Partnering, Visibility, Integrity, Clear Messaging, Long-Term Thinking, & Purposefulness.

Meet UMIMRA's Board of Directors

The UMIMRA Board of Directors meet monthly rotating locations between all three states and including river tours. If you would like to meet with the board of directors or give a presentation at a meeting, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.




The Upper Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri Rivers Association or UMIMRA had formal beginnings in 1954 as the Upper Mississippi Flood Control Association.  It began as a loose network of levee and drainage districts between St. Louis and the Quad-Cities, working together to improve their levees. Over time, the Association expanded its geographic representation as people from south of St. Louis and the Illinois and Missouri Rivers joined the group.   Prior to the Great Flood of 1993, the Association changed its name to the Upper Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri Rivers Association. Closer cooperation with other regional groups led to affiliations with the Illinois Valley Flood Control Association and the Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association.   Since 1993, UMIMRA has grown on several fronts – to several hundred members, a diverse membership, and a wide range of issues dealt with by the Board of Directors.   The UMIMRA Board continues to be elected by members at an annual meeting.  At least four representatives from each state– Illinois, Iowa and Missouri – serve on the board.  Diverse professional interests are also represented. ​  What began as an organization to improve agricultural levees is now the only grassroots organization that is dedicated to rural and urban prosperity and environmental stewardship through wise development of river resources in the Upper Mississippi Valley.